Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Accidental Fetish - Watch What You Post On YouTube

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Watch What You Post On YouTube

People would ask me all the time while I was laid up and non-weight bearing on my leg how I was able to get around, fix food for myself, go to the bathroom, etc. All the important questions... I really love YouTube so I figured the best way to explain it all would be to make a little video:

Nothing wild in this video, just me hobbling around... I even edited out the sound of my peeing (easily audible in a quiet apt) out of the video since I knew kids might watch it. Anyway... I posted it both on my Facebook to "Friends Only" and out to a roller derby injured skaters group. Now the video is posted as "Public" on YouTube which means it's searchable.

And search it people did.... within an hour I noticed that I had more hits on the video than the relatively small audience I showed it to. Then the messages rolled in...

"Sorry to hear about your injury.... post more crutching videos."
"Really sorry to see you're hurt, can you post pics/video of when you get the cast!?"

Several others just asking for more crutching around... I thought "Wow, this is kinda strange..." but I did post it in the roller derby injury group so I didn't read that much into it. Then I decided I wanted to learn a little more about the people sending me messages and subscribing to the channel. So this is what their page looks like...

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what this person is interested in.... and it isn't in my recovery! Suddenly I remembered the 1996 movie Crash (no, NOT the one that won an academy award, the more awesome one staring the ever-dreamy James Spader!). I realized then with a slow creeping horror... I was being fetishized! *gasp!*

It's not that I particularly mind being the object of a fetish, nor do I have any problem with any fetish entered into by consenting adults that doesn't harm others, I just.... wasn't quite prepared! That's when I realized this is the kind of somewhat-dirty feeling women who are fetishized unwillingly must undergo ALL. THE. TIME.

There's no way to stop it short of taking the video down but I'm going to assume anyone worth their salt would have already downloaded it anyway into their own personal spank bank... I guess my whole thought is that wasn't the intended purpose of putting out a video like that! =/ I would have worn a nice mankini and put some slammin' disco music in the background... put some banner ads on it and made it worth all of our whiles!

The point of this story is... if you can make a video about it... someone out there can fap to that video and fetishize you to pieces even over something as seemingly un-sexy as a severely broken leg. Until then....

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